Overcoming: menstrual cramping & endometriosis

Seattle, WA | Angie |

“I had my very first acupuncture experience with John and have been hooked every since.
He combines both acupuncture and Reiki energy healing in his session and let me tell you, I was not expecting what I had experienced when I got my first healing.

After John had finished placing all the needles, I specially remember him placing one between the eyes, walked down by my feet and touched a point at the bottom of my feet. Soon as he touched the points on the bottom of my feet, it was like a sonic vibration of serene energy went off in my head. He did a few other points soon there after and it was like calming tranquil vibrations running through my body. I had no idea at the time he combined the two techniques.

I originally got my first treatment due to chronic menstrual cramping. A medial doctor had told me that I may have endometriosis and the only way to get this under control was…..Surgery….”OR” place me on synthetic hormone treatments. I looked into acupuncture as the alternative and was amazed as the results after my first session with John.

My cycle usually last 7 to 10 days with chronic cramping before, during and right after. It’s been enduring to say the least.
So after my first session, the result was very minimal cramping and my cycle only lasted 5 days! WHAT A RELIEF that was for me!

John and I had talked extensively about my purpose for seeing him and he answered all my silly questions with much comfort. He has a passion to educate you and has a genuine sincerity of wanting to heal people. He is very dedicated in his work and it really shows.

I recommend John to anyone who is looking for a passionate practitioner who has natural talent to heal.” -Angie